Donation Opportunity

Dec 19, 2018

For those of you wondering how you can help , we have created a number of opportunities to take part in the Silver Bonsai's restoration . Visit for more info or just shop online as every bit helps!

We must first thank each our you that have reached out with offering of help and inquiries about how to donate. We have come up with some different donations that will bring to you a treasure of thanks or permanant place withing the new landscape of our world. We will be Renovating beginning January 1st . Given the nature of our business ,we realize the best solution is to raise our gallery out of the flood plane. This unfortunately is no small task. We do luckily have some insurance to help cover the cost of some repairs. Insurance however does not cover cost of lifting the building and recreating the decks and ramps required for accessibility as well as our time of being unopened. We luckily have been given Space at Blue Water Grill in Pirate's cove to use while we are closed. Although this doesn't replace our world, it is  a huge relief to be able to keep our staff and ourselves working throughout the renovation period and we want to thank The Owner's and Staff of Blue Water for being so welcoming to us. Ben and I have owned  Silver Bonsai Gallery for 20 years now and are excited to look to how to continue supporting the Fine arts and craft community and create jewelry through Silver Bonsai Gallery for another 20 years.

Thankyou all again for your concern and support, We are excited to celebrate our grand reopening as soon as it is possible!

Merry Christmas form Kathryn , Ben , and the Staff of Silver Bonsai