Mantawave Ceramic Designs

Artist Statement: MantaWave. I got my name from mantarays and ocean waves, two of my inspirations. About the only thing I remember from kindergarten is coloring. (and falling off the monkey bars). After graduating from college, and still not knowing what I wanted to do in life, I traveled to Europe. During this trip, I realized that I had always wanted to create. Everything is handmade and signed by me. I am using porcelain, a very durable clay. With my glazes I strive to achieve surfaces that do not resemble a glazed clay -- surfaces like stone, wood, metal, bone, etc. My jewelry is very lightweight, requires ZERO upkeep and you can wear it 24/7. Many of my pendants are, in fact, guaranteed for life. All pieces are fired to 1232'C (2250'F)