Dodero Studio Ceramics

We have been working in Raku since the early 1970's and it has proven to be a versatile decorative style, fitting well into contemporary and traditional decors. We offer a wide range of decor Raku colors that have been developed to blend in with and bridge to the colors in your home. The pottery is cast from our originals, this makes the shapes and sizes very consistent and delivery times predictable. The Raku glazes have a random quality and can vary depending on glaze thickness and firing conditions. It is always a subjective call in ceramics as to what is a technical flaw or an aesthetic quality, we do our best to make that distinction on a piece to piece basis, please keep this in mind if you have a low tolerance for glaze inconsistencies. Urns for ashes come in a range of sizes and colors. Cachepots or orchid planters have been a main stay of this line for many years, a cache pot or flower bowl is an ideal choice for your favorite orchid or exotic flora.