Kaleidoscope Pottery

My goal is to produce work that is in harmony with the nature that sustains us. Using a process learned from my friend and mentor, Kathy Hibshman, I create patterns with real leaves (collected locally) on stoneware clay slabs. These are by nature one of a kind as no leaf is ever the same shape, and no leaf can be re-used. These are formed into various functional shapes (platters, bowls, vessels), and covered with slip. Leaves are then individually removed, creating a negative/positive fossil-like image. Pieces are bisque fired, then hand dipped into glaze and fired again to over 2300 degrees Fahrenheit making the pieces very durable. Many customers use Kaleidoscope Pottery as their every-day dinnerware. We use a high temperature stoneware that is fired to 2300*F. This produces work that is beautiful and entirely functional. Designed with daily use in mind, the surfaces are very durable and will not scratch from silverware. Our pottery makes every meal special and is a wonderful gift, whether buying for someone else or you! All pieces are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. (Do not put a cold dish into a hot oven, as they are not resistant to thermal shock).
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