About Silver Bonsai


Silver Bonsai is the Outer Banks Jewelry Studio and Fine art and Craft Gallery

Manteo, Nc 252-475-1413

who can now regularly be found at their jewelers benches located at the back of the gallery where they spend their time creating custom jewelry in gold, silver or platinum. Upon graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design in 1995, Ben & Kathryn went into business together showing jewelry throughout the country at craft fairs and galleries. In 1998 they settled in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where they began renovating the building which is now home of the Silver Bonsai Gallery. The gallery is a reflection of the couple's unique sense of style in art and design. Not only does the gallery house their uniquely hand crafted Jewelry, but is also home to a wide variety of local and regional arts and crafts, and an impressive collection of Bonsa trees and supply.

Be sure to stop in, wander through the Bonsai Garden, Enjoy artwork and functional pieces in a wide variety of media. Let Kathryn & Ben Stewart help find that special piece of Jewelry or find a unique treasure for yourself or a friend.

     GKathryn Stewart, Goldsmith & GIA Diamond Graduate

Kathryn's innate sense of design brings a simple elegance to her work. Her mastery of line and technique balances nature and architecture. Greatest influences lie in Art Nouveau design, Japanese Woodblock Printmaking, and Italian Engraving. Applying many techniques found in turn of the century jewelry intertwined with her use of modern technology, Kathryn creates jewelry which reflects the qualities of each person she encounters.


Ben Stewart, Goldsmith, Master Stone Setter, and "Bonsai Guy"

The love of the creative process has always been most important to Ben. Learning and honing skills gives him a wonderful sense of achievement. It all starts with a thought, then it finds it's way through the hands, sawing, filing, chasing, and engraving. It's this symphony of imagination and physical actions that results in the birth of a work of art. The contrast between the process and the polished, gleaming beauty is something he finds most intriguing about jewelry. His fingers are grey and callused but shining in his hands is the reward.