Silver Bonsai is the ,Outer Banks Jewelry, specialist in the art of engraving, jewelry design, jewelry repair & restoration.  Along side our Modern Heirloom jewelry making studio we proudly show a variety of North Carolina fine arts & crafts from both local and nationally renown artists. The living art of bonsai is also a favorite specialty at the gallery so look forward to exploring and learning about this ancient art.Located on Roanoke Island , Silver Bonsai is home to the Outer Bank's Premier Jewelry studio.

Bonsai; "The Art of turning a simple tree into a reminder of nature's beauty"

Wander the garden

Bonsai is enlightenment and brings peace. It is well known and appreciated. It's the duty of all of us that love bonsai to keep alive this "torch of peace." People who love bonsai appreciate the beauty of nature and plant trees in small containers. In doing so, they learn from nature and learn a philosophy of life.

Engagment and Wedding Bands

Visit our in House Goldsmithing Studio, Modern Heirloom, where owner's Ben and Kathryn Stewart lead our talented team in creating our stunning collection of jewelry.We look forward to helping you choose the perfect diamond and design to capture the heart of your love for this one of a kind moment

A Visit to Silver Bonsai Gallery

As you walk in the door you are greeted by a peaceful and beautiful space, inviting smile , and helpful hands. Often described as an inspiring collection which is museum lie in quality. Housed in a renovated Outer Banks Home, we display the work of our Many Artisans to accent and compliment each creation. As you reach the back of the sstore you will hear the buzzing and tapping of our creative Jewelry team. The "rythmic studio tunes" are the sound of creativity and we look forward to sending you home with a special locally crafted treasure