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Linda Browning

Linda has painted ever since she was old enough to hold a brush. Brilliant fall foliage and blankets of snow were her inspiration when she was growing up in western New York, and paintings depicting these subjects won her blue ribbons in art competitions as well as a college art scholarship. Coastal scenes and aquatic themes are her inspiration today. Whether it’s capturing the expanse of feathered wings in flight or the shadows on sand dunes in morning light, Linda shares with the viewer the love that she has for her cherished Hatteras Island home.
My emotional response to color stirs me to paint. My love of flora and fauna directs what I paint. Light and shadow define how I paint it.

Linda uses just six watercolor pigments. From those she can get every hue and shade she need. In this way she achieves harmony and cohesiveness from painting to painting in an entire body of work. The creative process of painting is about passion…mine. It’s also about awe of nature with the viewer.

Originals available upon request.