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Silver Bonsai Gallery

905 Hwy 64

PO Box 1220

Manteo, NC 27954


Open Mon thru Sat

10 to 6


Silver Bonsai Gallery
Ben & Kathryn Stewart
Store Hours: M-Sat 10am to 6pm
  Sunday by appointment
  905 US Highway 64
  Manteo, North Carolina
  (252) 475-1413




Bonnie Belt Ceramic                                                                                                          Click Here to Shop

Artist's Statement: A fascination with nature and trees has pervaded most of my 30-year career in art. I attended ceramics courses at college; later studied Chinese brush painting, from which I learned the subtleties of brushwork and the Chinese philosophy that influences my work. I currently exhibit my work at galleries throughout the United States, and at fine art shows like the Sausalito Art Festival and the Scottsdale Celebration of Fine Arts. The natural world and respect for nature is the primary focus of my life and art.  I could not exist without the solitude of the forest or the interaction with the wildlife at my home in the forest. I try to capture the drama and movement of the windswept trees of my costal surroundings. I especially love the cypress trees, they express the enduring - yet fragile- existence of nature.

Highlighted Creations                                                               
 10 Dragonfly Bowl

 Heron Covered Jar Light Desert

 Wave Top Vase  Resting Hummingbird Bowl

All interior glazed pieces are food and water safe, (Wave carved pieces are water safe but not food safe.) Gold interiors are painted and are not water or food safe.

After the pieces are painted, the painting is sprayed with a clear over glaze and waxed to resist the colored glaze. The entire piece is then dipped in a durable, food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe glaze. The piece is fired in the kiln to 211 degrees and left to cool. Some mugs and flat pieces have an applied silicone, non-skid surface.

The piece you are purchasing is 100% made by the artist in America, so each piece us a handcrafted, hand painted one of a kind original which you can enjoy using for years to come.